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Orat ka masjid mai

jab tum say kisi ki orat masjid mai namaz ada karnay liye ijazat talab karay to isay manha na klaray

Dowa karnay ka time

kon hai jo muj say dowa karay mai is ko qabool na karao?
 kon hai jo muj say sawal karay or mai is ka kay sawal ko pora karo ?
kon hai muj say magfirat talab karay mai is ko maf kar karo. 

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What is a server

What is a Server
A Server is a computer that provides services to the computers and other devices connected to the network.Server computer is more powerful than other computer in the network.
Different services provided by the server are follows:
  • Control access to the hardware,software and data.
  • centralized storage for software,data and information.
  • Processing data.
  • Sharing software.
  • Managing network traffic.
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Servers are used to perform one specific function such as handling e-mail.
Dedicated servers are used to perform the tasks that require a lot of time.
Different types of dedicated servers are as follows:

1. Print server :
A type of server that manages printing jobs is called print server.A network with a centralizes printing service will have a print server.this server routes print jobs to the appropriate devices.It also prioritizes the printing according to order of request.

2. Application server :
A type of server that stores and distributes a set of application software to each system on the network is called application server. The user upgrades and installs new software once on application server rather than deploying the programs throughout the organization.

3. Email server :
A type of server that handles a large volume of incoming,outgoing and internal email is called email server .it remains connected to the internet. It may be located at any place in the world. 

4. Database Server :
A type of server that manage the database of an organization is called database server.

5. Communication server :
A type of server that handles all communications between the network and other networks is called communication server.It also manages internet connectivity.All requests for information from the internet and all messages being sent through internet pass through communications server.

6. web server :
A type of server that is used to host a website available through the internet is called web server. The web servers run specialized software that enables them to host webpages.

what is internet

What Is Internet

The internet is a collection of millions of computers around the world that are all connected to one another.It is a global network of computer. The computers are connected through different telecommunications links like:
  • Phone lines
  • Fiber optics lines
  • Satellites and wireless connection
Internet is used to find information stroed on computers called hosts or servers.These computers use a common protocol called TCP/IP for communication.
TCP stands for 
Trabsmission control protocol
IP stands for 
Internet Protocol

Uses of internet
  • To access information,news,research,and educational material.
  • To conduct business.
  • To access sources of entertainment such as online games,magazines etc.
  • To Shop for goods and services.
  • To meet and talk with people arroun the world in discussion groups or chat rooms.
  • To access other computers and exchange files.
  • To send messages and receive messages from other connected users.

what is information technology

What Is Information Technology

Information technology is the technology that uses computing with high-speed communication links to spread information from one place to another.The interconnection of computers enables people to send and receive information.The communication links are also used to communicate with different people in the world.

The world has become a global village due to information technology. It means that people living in the world know one another as if they are living in a village. It has become possible due to fast communication links. Information can be transferred from one place to another place easily and quickly.

Information plays an important role in every field of life.Information can used improve the standard of life.It can be used for solving different problems.For example if a person has the latest information about the medical field he can use this information to cure different diseases.

information technology has enabled types of institutions and organizations to be a part of digital convergence.The digital convergence means that various industries have merged electrically to exchange information.
This merging is very important in the modern word. The information can be transferred in various forms such as text, photos,audio and video etc.

Components of information technology

1. Computers :
A set of instrucations given the computer to solve a problems is called software.

2. Communication Network :
it is an interconnection of different locations through a medium that allows people to send abd recive information.Communication network allows people and businesses to interact.

3. Know-How :
Information technology know-how includes the familiarity with the tools of  information technology including the internet as well as the skills needed of using It for problem-solving and creating opportunities.

difference between softcopy and hardcopy

Difference Between Soft Copy And Hard Copy

Soft Copy
  • Soft copy is an electronic form.
  • Its easier to modify.
  • It is intangible.
  • It is stored on storage devices.
  • Its dublicate copies  can produced with out any cost.
Hard Copy
  • Hard copy is in printed form.
  • It is difficult to modify.
  • It is tangible.
  • It is printed on papers.
  • Its dublicate copies can be produced with cost.

Categories of application software

Categories of application software

Business Software:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet 
  • Presention Graphics
  • Note Taking
  • Personal information Manager
  • PDA Business Software
  • Software Suite
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
Graphics and Multimedia Software:
  • Computer-aided Design
  • Desktop Publishing Sofware
  • Paint/Image Editing  Software
  • Video and Audio Editing Software
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Web page Authoring
Home / Personal / Educational Software:
  • Software suite
  • Personal Finance
  • Legal
  • Tax Preparation
  • Clip Art/Image Gallery
  • Home Design/Landscaping
Communications Software:
Chat Room
Instant Massaging
Newsgroup/Message Board
Video Conferencing

Types of Softwares

What is software:
A set of instructions given the computer to solve a problems is called software.
 types of software .

Types of Softwares:
There are tow types of software.
1st: system software
2nd: Application software

Definition of application software
Application software is used to perform various application on the computer.
It helps a computer user to perform specific tasks.People use types of application software according to their needs

Forms of Application Software
There are types of application software.
Packaged software
Custom software
Shareware software
Freeware Software
Public Domain Software
Open Software

What is sofware

Deification Of Sofware

A set of instrucation given the computer to solve a probems is called software.
Computer software specifies a swquence of opreations to be performed by computer.
A computer works accroding to the instucations written in software.


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